Sound-Reactive Visuals // Beyond the magic mushrooms

4 Mar

Sound-reactive visuals made by Victor Morales to the music of Pal Asle Pettersen all in a colorful virtual world based on CRYengine gaming technology.

“Mushrooms” is basically a sound reactive animation where only the camera’s position and FOV are affected by the lowest frequencies of the audio.

Porter Robinson – Flicker

3 Mar

Scenic traveling goes better with pixeldelically augmented reality.

Jan Svankmajer films

2 Mar

It was hard to believe. I searched the DPV a number of time before I could believe that we don’t have anything by Czech master Jan Svankmajer yet. For those of you who don’t know Svankmajer, a more significant  introduction to the work of the Czech animator might be required than I can supply here, and you can find some information here on wikipedia.

Here I’ll just say that Svankmajer is a highly renowned animator and filmmaker whose work has been celebrated by the likes of Terry Gilliam and Milos Forman ever since the 1980s. These two short movies, “Dimensions of Dialogue” and “Tma, Svetlo, Tma” should serve as a decent introduction to his highly surrealistic world.

“Held” and “Burnt” by Kiasmos

1 Mar

Galimatias – Amount to Nothing (2014)

28 Feb


Engrossing short motion graphic composition by Ono Mato (animated in Apophysis) includes the hallmarks of generative psychedelia, rainbow colours and fractal recursion.


28 Feb

Our beautiful psychedelic sun! NASA celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory ( SDO) by releasing this gorgeous time lapse film showing the complex features of the fiery ball from whence we came.

Mike Luck – Cityscape

28 Feb had these words from director Maxmana: “For this Music Video for Mike Luck I wanted to create a video game like drive journey through the desert landscape at 6 O’Clock in the morning. It was made ​​to be projected or spanned over three screens. so if you happen to own a triple-head to go and have 3 screens attached, give it a wirl would you?”
I think he very much succeeded. I encourage you to watch it in full screen and crank the speakers up just a touch.


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