Zerogon (By Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi)

25 May

A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.

“Sudden” by Stellar OM Source

23 May

trippy acid house track from the recent nite-glo ep by experimental synth artist Stellar OM Source.

AAAA – Blackfish (2015)

23 May


Exceptional undulating fractal moire goodness… A blood-red living coral set to fat beats by AAAA.

1960’s Intermission Time Animation

23 May

Many years ago, I found this great video tape of vintage drive-in movie intermission animations at Kim’s Mondo Video in NYC St.Mark’s Square-the same square in which I witnessed Joey Ramone crossing the street in requisite all black using a classy cane. When I saw this totally psychedelic Peter Max style animation, my lid was officially flipped. I especially love the cow that morphs into a hamburger. The video was released by Something Weird Video

Panda Bear – Mr Noah

23 May

If someone gave MC Escher just a video camera and nothing else…


22 May

For you Spanish speakers out there, and for all those who like their Jesus in a psychedelic flavor, Manuel Bonilla singsĀ the glory of creation in psychedelic children-styled animation. See the full show below.

(Link: Dani. Thanks!)

woven WIP

21 May

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