Poetry of Perception

8 Oct

By: MCB80x Neuroscience

Dorian Concept // Draft Culture

7 Oct

Taken from the Dorian Concept album ‘Joined Ends’ released October 20 2014 on Ninja Tune.

The Helio Sequence – Battle Lines

6 Oct

Video by Emanuele Kabu.

Alma Zohar – Psychedelia for babies and children

5 Oct

Israeli singer Alma Zohar recently released two exceptionally beautiful psychedelic music clips from her children’s album “Pele” (Wonder). Filled with delicious indigenous imagery, these videos are just the right thing to show your psychedelic babies and kids, and if you have more suggestions for psychedelic videos for babies and children, please let us know, because there is a host of psychedelic parents searching for such materials for their kids.

(Link: Galia. Thanks!)

“Grocery Trip” by Pouff

4 Oct

DyE – Fantasy (NSFW)

4 Oct

Truly, I wish I didn’t have to ruin some of the surprise in the turn that this video takes, but I’m afraid for this selection I do need to warn viewers that there are some disturbing visuals in this one. The music remains entrancingly chill though.

Plataeux (2015)

3 Oct


Kaleidoscopic, generative projections mapped to laser cut layers by Australian media artist Kit Webster.


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