Bonobo – Cirrus – Kaleidoscope verson by ear lust

25 Oct

The whole world is one big kaleidoscope.

Fever The Ghost – SOURCE

24 Oct

Headspace – Jake Fried

23 Oct


The Chemical Brothers // Escape Velocity !

22 Oct

A serious psychedelic smash !

Please enjoy this piece !

And for those who want more :


Special Thanks to my friend Jo – FB: Biosphos Metis – for having shared this video !

Digital Dynamic Paintings from San Base Studio

21 Oct

San Base is from Canada and creates video art for interior design purposes.

Illustris Simulation: Most detailed simulation of our Universe

20 Oct

The most detailed description of the evolution of the universe, presented step by step, in this arresting visualization video created by Harvard and MIT scientists.

“Love Without Sound” by White Noise

19 Oct


The song is taken from the 1969 album “An Electric Storm” by White Noise. The group started as a project between members of the notorious (not only for the Dr. Who theme) BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Among the composers who worked with David Vorhaus on the project was Delia Derbyshire. The state of the art tape manipulation techniques that were used on the album result in a highly psychedelic listening experience (similar techniques have been used on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but not to the extend that can be found here).



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