Tropical Bleyage – Mala

10 Feb

This is the official video for the track ‘Tropical Bleyage – Mala’,
taken from the ‘Mala’ EP by Tropical Bleyage, a prelude to their second full album coming in 2015.

Tropical Bleyage:

Vagabond Mutant Liquid

9 Feb

Tobias Stretch tripping us out with his amazing puppets. Tobias’s work was last featured here on May 2015: Ocean = Amazing by Dirt Bikes.

What China’s gonna do – Shi-San-Wu

8 Feb

Last October, the Chinese government launched a campaign to inform the international public about it’s 13th five year plan, the Shi San Wu. Interestingly, in their attempt to win the hearts of the the international crowd, they chose to produce their clip in a markedly psychedelic style. So if you ask me, I’m not sure what I think about the five year plan, but I definitely like the clip, and if you watch it you’ll soon be singing along in Chinese: “The Shi-San-what? The shi-san-wu!”

“‘Niton (The Reason)” by Eric Prydz

7 Feb

You remember Rez?

The real history of drugs – Drug Policy Alliance

6 Feb

The Real History of Drugs video series, by the Drug Policy Alliance does great work in providing sober, fact-based information about the history of drugs and their prohibition. It’s a great way to get people to rethink what they have been taught, so if you want others to know the real history of drugs, share it with friends and family.

Run the Jewels- Meowpurrdy dir. by Cyriak

5 Feb

Kitties! Cyriak! Psychedelic dance off!


Bottom Feeders

4 Feb

By:  Matt Reynolds



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