DIIV – How Long Have You Known?

18 Apr

Just a little home-made, psychedelic alchemy.

Micro Cameraless Animation Test #1- Robert Lyons

18 Apr

One Celestron Microscope plus four frames of 35mm hand painted film equals some groovy imagery


18 Apr


//?WRITE?// rad video synthesis // colour vomiting feedback // from Melbourne based video artist Kurt Bach // !Features! // bound in entities // !Entities! // bound in events… so as singularity burst forth // consuming… feeling… opening // we as free // so embrace… the industrial // the !electronic!… with // BA9.. BA8.. BA43 // && PALvisionary

Kingdom Crumbs – Evoking Spirits

16 Apr

By: Ori Toor

Ayhuasca Serpents and other videos by TAS

16 Apr

TAS creates some seriously psychedelic digital animations.

Tenacious D // The Effects of LSD

15 Apr

By Liam Lynch With Jack Black & Kyle Gass

Lightning Bolt – The Metal East

14 Apr

Lale Westvind channels Rat Fink hot rod resonances.


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