Groovy GIFS

5 Sep

There has been an explosion in really groovy trippy GIFS lately. Here a few fun ones to get you going. We start with a couple from badblueprints:

teeth eyeballs_teeth

And a couple more from kilavaish:

kilavaish_rainbow kilavaish_stripe1

I love the Burger King GIF from tewz1:

tewz1_burgerking tewz1_head1

I don’t know who created this one (please let me know if you do), but I can’t get enough of Smoke Cat:

smoke cat

Inside the Brain: An Entire Head in Cross-Section

4 Sep

The human brain appears to be incredibly psychedelic in brain scans. This video was created from images produced by the visible human project. A human head was frozen in a block of ice, sectioned with a macrotome, and photographed. 700 horizontal (or transverse) sections were produced, each with a thickness of 174 microns, and imaged at a resolution of 125um/pixel. The images have been interpolated by a factor of four. The animation starts near the top of the head and proceeds down towards the neck. The head faces towards the right hand side of the screen.

Embroidered Zoetrope

3 Sep

By: Elliot Schultz

A$AP Rocky [L$D]

2 Sep

You know the “psychedelic transformation” is complete when LSD – first tested on the public during secret government experiments – leaks out into the water table, percolates through countercultures, and establishes itself at last so thoroughly that folks who spell their names with dollar signs write ballads in its honor. Let’s pay respects where due: Kid Cudi got there first with Megaforce’s awesome video for his “Pursuit of Happiness;” the psychedelic urban ballad isn’t totally unprecedented (and, for real: what hip hop is today, hard rock was forty, fifty years ago, and Jimi Hendrix broke the ground for all these cats). But still, it’s testament to just how cozy these United States must be with talking tripping, now that LSD and not Cristal is drug of choice for lubricating “Love x $ex x Dreams.”

A$AP Rocky puts his money where his mouth is with this lovely video, which does its duty as an ad for psychedelic romance, no denying it – and then, hilariously, stops the record to enjoy the bill-collection comedown of the morning after, Rocky rapping in the broken mirror of a much less colorful (but still palatial) room about “I guess the new me is just gonn’ take some gettin’ used to.”

No kidding. He isn’t used to making love songs, but don’t you know, when ego walls get thin enough to see through, what you thought was recreation rears its head as re-creation, and real, cosmic love comes shining through that New-York-driven gangsta-ass machismo. It’s about damn time. About a decade passed in which it seemed that psychedelics might remain forever just another party drug to compliment the GHB and PCP, etc. confused as “drugs,” a single category, by the less-discriminating recipe enumerated in Tech N9ne’s “experience” (not to be confused with Jimi’s) – opposite, but equal to, the “Just Say No” campaign, a “Just Say Yes” to anything that gets you high, no lasting transformation acted on or pointed to or even possible. But maybe something’s shifted in the spirit of the age, where just enough of hip hop – Mos Def, Saul Williams, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and many others – has the balls to show its vulnerability. And now, as Rocky says, “Them other drugs just don’t fit me right.” Perhaps we’ve grown up just enough to drop the fronting and explore, and then reveal, the depths of our evolving, questioning, desiring, seeking souls.

There’s always going to be a niche for guns and hos and other adolescent bluster, but it’s looking more and more ridiculous with every passing day. When we’re confronted with the Mystery of Being and open our lives to make more room for it – as seems to be the case for A$AP Rocky – we’re forced to recognize how little nourishment there is in our old games of separation. As Jeff Buckley put it: “There’s no time for hatred – only questions.” A$AP Rocky leaves us wondering as all the pretty colors fade and credits roll…an honest and authentic way to share the open-ended wonder that both LSD the substance, and Love x $ex x Dreams, the great realities of life, bestow on any willing/earnest seeker.


Faith Hubley: Enter Life (1981)

1 Sep

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen..

The Jumblies – Camellia Nieh

31 Aug

The last elections day in Israel didn’t bring a lot of positive change on the political level, but in Mitzpe Ramon some good people got together  during that day to hang out outside to play music and practice their AcroYoga and slacklining skills, among other things. Camellia Nieh was there to shoot the occasions of the day, later editing them into this magnificent and really fun video, which I find very psychedelic.

And here is what Camellia had to say about the whole thing:

“I started making videos this year as a way of distilling my world, external and internal, for myself and for others, to record certain feelings, ideas, or experiences that were beautiful or interesting to me and to share them. They serve as a journal, sketchbook, and as letters to people I care about. This video was created from an afternoon of hanging out with friends in a small town in the Negev Desert on the day of Israel’s recent elections, exploring movement, music, balance, improvisation, and connection. I didn’t set out to make a psychedelic video, but apparently that’s how my world translates to others sometimes…”

“Apocalipsi” by Jansky

30 Aug

subdued use of psychedelic visual tropes to great effect


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