“Space is Everything” — TxK by Jeff Minter (llamesoft)

21 Dec

Jeff Minter has been designing video games since the early days of the medium. And since the very beginning an air of anarchy and trippyness has been a constant in his creations. Since Tempest 2000 he has been refining what I’d like to call the psychedelic “space” shooter (look here for Space Giraffe).

But he has released a game/ “light synthesizer” that is actually called Psychedelia as early as 1984.

Check out the man’s work! You won’t be disappointed.

Synoid (1983)

20 Dec

An impressive psychedelic video feedback loop, made by pointing an old style tube camera at a monitor and slightly adjusting the camera aperture and focus. There’s a real mastery of form iteration, no post processing whatsoever, and oscillating analogue audio sequences to complement this hypnotic spiral trip.


20 Dec


Oh Xuxa. Brazilian kids TV show Xuxa was a staple of Spanish language television in the late eighties and early nineties. Every week, she would wow her audience with bright, fun and groovy sets, including a hot pink lip adorned space ship. Her shows took place in front of a live audience of happily smiling children with Xuxa clad in her signature outfit of hot pants, thigh high boots and shoulder-padded jacket dancing, singing and spreading the word of love and acceptance. There was always a game portion with Chicos vs Las Chicas competing by doing activities like straddling a big greased cylinder and pushing themselves along racing to the finish line. I never saw a show where Xuxa wasn’t moved to tears at some point by a heartwarming story. Oh, and the paquitas-her cheerleader dance team who made their own claim to fame. Unfortunately, the early 90’s american version lost a lot of the wow factor. It’s difficult to find clips of the Brazilian one, but here a few goodies.

Xuxa World Cup Special 1990- Xuxa once dated Braziian soccer star Pele; this clip has the cool spaceship at the beginning



Xuxa sings her hit song “llarie”- bad video copy, but the energy is palpable



Las Paquitas de XUXA- ahhh…the Paquitas!


There’s Gonna Be Some Rock n Roll This Winter

20 Dec

This tune has become a staple amongst my former flatmates and I during this time of year. Actually, we sing it most of the year, but it gets a far better reception when we’re in the appropriate season. The video brings us back to the grand old days of glam rock, when psychedelic visuals were left to the costume department. A time when Roy Wood (who is better known for his days with the Electric Light Orchestra) looked like a Muppet from another dimension. And those lyrics are warm and fuzzy enough to bring holiday cheer to the biggest Grinches around. Like the bassist. Honestly, why is he being such a goon?

Oh well. At the very least, if you find yourself struggling to find the right politically correct greeting this season, I’d just go with telling folks to “Have a wonderful rock and roll winter, baby.”

GIF-JAM 2014

19 Dec


18 Dec

Look and listen. Here’s a window into the secret life of a sound wave.

Jaguar uses DMT

17 Dec

We already know that Dolphins, cats and many other animals use plants and natural substances to alter their consciousness.

Take this jaguar for instance, who seeks out and then happily munches on the Banisteriopsis caapi vine located in rain forests of South America.


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