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Are You Ok? Cause I’m Ok. (A film about taking mushrooms with mom) – Rivka Rivera

19 Apr

A crowd funding campaign for a this movie about a woman and her mother who eat mushrooms together. Happy bicycle day, all of you! Today is the 75th anniversary to the discovery of LSD!

Trailer for Anima, The Brussels Animation Film Festival 2017

18 Apr

Directed by Nicolas Fong.

Flying Lotus: Post Requisite

18 Apr

Directed, puppeteered and designed by Winston Hacking.

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen- Jean Pierre

16 Apr
While the sounds may test many people’s ideas of “listenability”, this video is a giant leap in the ongoing evolution of deep dream, neural network videos.  Details about the process behind the video are here:


“Daydream Believer” by Shonen Knife

15 Apr

Shonen Knife cover “Daydream Believer”.

The B-52’s – “Love Shack” (Official Music Video)

14 Apr

There is a lot in the 1980s that wasn’t clearly recognized as psychedelic because the style wasn’t really 1960s psychedelia, but where I nevertheless find some distinctly free-rolling, psychedelic qualities. B-52 serves as a good example. “The love shack is a little old place where we can get together.”


Declan McKenna – Brazil (Official Video)

13 Apr


Washed Out: Burn Out Blues

11 Apr

Freaky cloth-effect collage music video directed by Winston Hacking.


10 Apr

Dreamy visions created by Handmade from Canada.

Directors: Nima Ehtemam & Noah Wohl
Producer & Editor: Noah Wohl
Art Director & Illustrator: Nima Ehtemam
Lead 3D Artist & TD: Olivier Masson
Modeling & Animation: Olivier Masson, Nima Ehtemam, Noah Wohl
Composers: Sheida Gharachedaghi, Sam Vipond
Sound Design: Sam Vipond
Musicians: Timur Khametov, Sheida Gharachedaghi

Tal National – Akokas

9 Apr

High energy rock & roll from Niger.  The band just completed an amazing run of shows in the USA and will tour Europe this summer.  Highly recommended, a psychedelic experience unto itself.  ( Full disclosure: video by me, FlxYrLvMscls! ❤ )

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