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Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon

13 Mar

Throwback to this classic by Boards of Canada which samples video clips from “One Got Fat” (1963) bicycle safety movie

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest – The Movie

26 Sep

“Compiling fan-made/official videos and visions on “Tomorrow’s Harvest” album by Boards of Canada.”

“Reach for the Dead” by Boards of Canada

14 Jul

The video for the new Boards of Canada track “Reach for the Dead” (directed by Neil Krug) does a very good job in complementing the  feeling of suspense and expectation built by the music. Both keep your senses wide awake, pointing at something right behind the barren beauty they provide.

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

13 Nov

Boards of Canada have mastered the art of revealing the magical and psychedelic power documentary footage. And this video hits that nail right on the head.


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