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Sébastien Tellier – Love

17 Dec

“I Think I Love You” by Xiya Lan

5 Feb

A very beautiful and thought-provoking 2d animation (and probably one of my favorite animations from 2017) about the many different forms and aspects of love we experience in this world.
Created by a California Institute of the Arts graduate, Xiya Lan

There’s a lot of ideas associated this with animation. If you’re curious about more of it, Id recommend reading the description of this video.

loveletter 恋文

26 Dec


amorous ephemeral internet apparitions…

Seeeds of Love

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day seems to be a pretty polarizing holiday. If you’re sharing it with someone special this year, the first video is probably what you’d like to see. If not, and you’re in the mood for some schadenfreude, the second is about a married brute going out to the clubs and then being blackmailed by the one he pursues.

Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love with Charles Eisenstein

13 Dec


A taste of the feature documentary, Occupy Love. This is a community funded film. http://www.occupylove.org


This short film was Directed by Ian MacKenzie http://ianmack.com
Co-produced with Velcrow Ripper http://www.velcrowripper.com
Camera: Ian Mackenzie and Velcrow Ripper
Editing: Ian Mackenzie
Interview by: Velcrow Ripper

CHARLES EISENSTEIN is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. Learn more about Charles http://charleseisenstein.net

Visit http://sacred-economics.com to learn more about his ideas for a new economy.

My…MY… (2011) by Lei Lei

21 Oct

This Chinese designer has such a cool style! And he is such a romantic dude ♥ He almost always includes a love story in his films.

Also worth noting:

Magic Cube and Ping Pong

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