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Stylorella’s Wild Adventures

3 Apr

Elaborate commercial for Emily Daccarett, an LA based high end women’s brand.

Synthwave/Outrun Greatest Anthems and Underground Classics Mix +animated visuals-compiled and edited by DALZIEL

2 Jun


Hi DPV friends. Sorry for missing my post last week. I fell and broke my ankle and was in the hospital recovering from surgery- two plates and a handful of screws to put my bones back together. Now I’m home and recovering with the help of a little Percocet and good friends and loved ones. This groovy retro synthwave compilation from DALZIEL is just what I need to relax into the healing zone.

From the YouTube description:

A choice selection of all time best synthwave tracks, set to animated retro-futuristic and cyberpunk gifs.

Music and visuals for this mix compiled and edited by me (DALZIEL) but, of course, don’t belong to me to me. Full track list:

1. Miami Nights 1984 – MN84 Theme: 00:00
2. Lazerhawk – Overdrive: 01:08
3. Irving Force – Crime Scanner: 05:28
4. Tesla Boy – Spirit of the Night: 08:31
5. Betamax – Take Off: 13:26
6. GUNSHIP – Tech Noir: 17:05
7. Power Glove – Night Force: 21:53
8. ActRazer – Tough: 26:08
9. Mitch Murder – After Hours Run (Remastered): 28:30
10. Droid Bishop – In Your Love: 32:00
11. Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer: 36:22
12. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (TRONICBOX Remix): 39:47
13. Timecop 1983 – Journeys: 43:35
14. Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme: 48:48
15. The Outrunners – Runaways: 52:12
16. John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13: 57:04
Standard YouTube License
“Journeys” by Timecop1983 Listen ad-free with YouTube Red

Skibum Game

28 Jun

Psychedelic crustaceans and moths plague the snowboarding protagonist in this game with a 1980s retro vibe.

Colourmusic – Put in a Little Gas

23 Aug

There’s always been some connection between sexuality and badass machinery, hasn’t there? If you’re not convinced, maybe this video will serve to illustrate.

MELT – An AV Trip to Nowhere (pts.1-5)

18 Jul


Se Méfier! Melt your eyeballs with 5 short and sharp 30sec bytes of flashing, retro-geometric animation. You’ve been warned…






The Go! Team

7 Feb

A contemporary 6-person group from the UK whose sound was inspired by double dutch jump roping chants. Some serious energy, and videos very much of the retro persuasion. If that’s sounds like a good time to you, then let’s go!

The Path (ZX Spectrum demo by Cyberpunks Unity & Inward, 2004)

25 Nov

Cyberpunks Unity is a ZX Spectrum demo group from Rybinsk, Russia. Inward is their subgroup. You can get the original demo from pouet.net.

The Presets: Promises

21 Jan

A retro-aesthetic melange working nicely with the music for evoking a strange nostalgia for things you never experienced.

Broadcast- Papercuts

22 Jan

I used to love this band so much! long stoned afternoons of a Jerusalem summer listening to Broadcast, but that hadn’t happened for a couple of years now. Sadly, I started looking for their videos only this week, when I heard about the untimely death of Trish Keenan, their lead singer.  The hypnotic object spinning in this video is a dream machine, that 7eit posted about here. So beautiful.



Pagan Psychedelic Puppets

29 Nov

Clinic’s latest video features a rite of horned hippy puppets summoning up some entity. what could have been a disturbing or just a bizarre image is kept sweet and small by the explicit craft of puppetry.

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