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Stop Buying Stuff, Love is the Answer!!!!!

23 Feb

Another day, another workweek, but maybe different. Matthew Silver pokes fun both at disconnected, alienated city dwellers, as well as at hippie cliches, which he nevertheless brings to life. He has an entire YouTube channel full of these videos . Oh, yeah, and STOP BUYING STUFF, LOVE IS THE ANSWER!!!


Visuals by Personnel for a 3D Installation feat. Four Tet

22 Feb

Visuals by Personnel. The track by Four Tet is called “Locked”.

alt-J (∆) – Fitzpleasure

21 Feb

Moody’s Planet (2014)

21 Feb


The description of this Korean Psychedelic animation translates to:
In fact, although they are lost and confused, there’s a tranquility in your own world. Visual representation of my own planet.
Now I want to trip to Hyunji Lee’s weird world…

“Longueurs d’ondes”- Sabrina Ratte

21 Feb

TV on the Radio – Second Song

21 Feb

I searched. Believe me, I searched for more on the making of this video. Maybe stop-motion techniques don’t vary that much, but I would love to watch a project like this unfold. I am eternally grateful that there are people in this world who make such visions a reality for the rest of us.

A few photos of the production process:

Pineal Warriors

20 Feb

The pineal warriors of consciousness save the universe yet again. A crazy and hilarious psychedelic sci-fi pastiche of groovy cosmic non-sense.

(Link: Shahar & Moris. Thanks!)

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