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PLANETS – A Visual Chillwave Mix

17 Apr

I’m sure many of you have seen mind bending fractals by Julius Horsthuis. This 30 minute mix features some of his best work all in one place. Toss on your own tunes and enjoy the trip!

[BRDG019] HiDM2_9 [by Yasuyuki Yoshida]

14 Nov

Music by umio


23 May

Bottlesmoker – East Indies feat. Kronutz

4 Apr

Great 3D modeling and mixing by the visual artist Isha Hening



Katie Gately – “Last Day”

26 Feb

Slowdive – “Star Roving”

29 May

After 22 years of resting after “Pygmalion” in 1995, 1989 English rock band Slowdive returns in there new self titled album, “Slowdive”. Released on the 5th of this May.

If your a Shoegazing/Dream Pop fan, i would most definitly give this album a listen, as this marks the return of one of the genre defining bands as well as one of the greatest Shoegazing/Dream Pop bands to ever exist.

Blueberry Ayahusca Scene

1 Oct

“Blueberry”, A.K.A “Renegade” (2004) is one of the most psychedelic films I’ve ever seen. It is a rare film which has a trip-like feeling from beginning to end.

This sequence, portraying an Ayahuasca experience undergone by the hero Vincent Cassel near the end of the movie, is one of the most breathtaking depictions of the psychedelic experience ever created. Lo and behold.

Superflow – Viusic Piece 06 – Architecture – Ian Clemmer

24 Aug

A beautiful 3D animation done by Ian Clemmer. This one is part of the Viusic series of 12 videos which Clemmer created for his bachelor thesis. Way to go Ian!

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