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Spacemen 3 – “RollerCoaster”

26 Dec

Unofficial music video for the song “Rollercoaster” by Spaceman 3, off there first album “Sound of Confusion”.

If you haven’t listened to or heard of Spaceman 3 before, i suggest you get typin’ in your google bar because these guys are one of the greatest psychedelic bands from the late 80’s in my opinion. My go to band for when i’m having a nice trip. There music provides good chill vibes, the goodness in the world, the goodness in drugs and even sometimes a glimpse of the big man in the sky. Would Recommend there second album “The Perfect Prescriptions” if you want to check them out.


The Quincey – Make It Right

29 Aug


Drive through LA in a psychedelic Cadillac in this music video for psych-rockers The Quincy. Visual artist Vinyl Williams has made this interactive world you can explore yourself… Download for OSX at 500mb.

White Manna // Illusion of Illusion

7 Jan

Psychedelic Rock is one of the feature that can lead to doors of perception opening,
and who had never experienced a single trip without it cannot tell that he knows what is Psychedelia 🙂 !

Arun Tazieff – Cookie

5 Nov

Do you like Psychedelic Rock ??

This might tickle your ear !


Spids Nøgenhat concert visuals

26 Jun

Spids Nøgenhat is Danish for the Liberty cap mushroom, which features prominently in the visuals.

Tekniset: Metsänhaltija

19 Jun

Handsome Finnish dudes and elves freaking around in this psytrancerock music video.
Song taken from the album Teknical Problems (2011)

Tame Impala / Caelum / Ă“lafur Arnalds

24 Apr

Due to my cock-up last week, I felt the need to supply something extra for your hungry serotonergic brains this time. I hereby present you a triple music video fiesta:

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass of Wine

Wonderful melange of styles. And walruses! By Special Problems.

Caelum – Apoptosis

Epic polar coordination by takcom.

Ă“lafur Arnalds – LjĂłsiĂ°

Celebrated Icelandic-Argentinian collaboration from 2009, featuring candyflippingly colorful smoke simulation by Esteban Diácono.

Morning Teleportation – Expanding Anyway

25 Oct

Lovely lovely morning tripping directed by Phantasmic.

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