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Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”

20 Feb

“Wonderland” by Caravan Palace off there album “<|°_°|>” AKA “Robot Face”

Caravan Palace specializes in the genre of “Electro Swing” which in my opinion is a very interesting and amazing sound they produce.

Theres only enough electro swing artists to fit on both of my hands but Caravan Palace is by far the best. If you want to go explore more of this genre and/or music then Caravan Palace’s “PANIC!’ album is where to start your journey my friend.

David Gilmour – “The Girl In The Yellow Dress”

13 Feb

Heres a lovely psychedelic video to get you in the mood and ready for valentines day tomorrow and ready for your “Girl In The Yellow Dress”.

Modest Mouse – “Sugar Boats”

2 Jan

Unofficial lyric video of “Sugar Boats” by Modest Mouse from the album “Stranger to Ourselves”

If you into alternative music, i highly recommend this band for you.

“Times Square” by Destroyer

18 Dec

This lovely clip for Destroyer’s Times Square is full of strange cigarettes, mushrooms and rather obvious leafs… Enjoy!

The Wisdom of Pessimism

12 Dec

On top of the cool psychedelic visuals in this video, you get a nice dose of modern day philosophy to help give your brain some thinking food. A 2 for 1 deal i’d say.

Bolshoi Theatre clay mapping-directed by Ilya Gilmanov

3 Jun

“Mondai Girl” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

29 May

“A Lovely Day in the Tiny World”-Muxxi Art animated by Lucassou

29 Jan


The joyously colorful and fantastical work of Guatemalen artist Muxxi animated by Brazilian artist Lucassou is a delightful entry into a magical world. Check out Muxxi’s illustrations on her website:


There is a link to


22 Jan

From RUFFMERCY’S vimeo description:

“Flyinglizrds” from the album Hud Dreems. Video by RUFFMERCY, with footage by Ross Harris. 2nd beat in the clip is “Shuremng” from Hud Dreems. | vinyl: goo.gl/YTqqjY | iTunes: goo.gl/u9OXOM

“Manta Ray” by J. Ralph & Antony (“Racing Extinction” Trailer)

17 Jan

I am suggesting the label Edudelia for this beautiful trailer for Louie Psihoyos’ documentary “Racing Extinction” on the secret world of plankton.

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