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Emanuele Kabu: Infinite Lust

8 Sep

E. Kabu is a regular feature around here:


The Helio Sequence: Upward Mobility

12 May

Lovely combination of different animation techniques by Emanuele Kabu.

Fractals: The Infinite In Between

27 Dec

This is a beautiful fractal interpretation of universal patterns, appropriating sacred geometry in a sort of cosmic creation mythos. The video strikes me as a primordial stars journey in a process of fractal proliferation across the universe. Created by Minghao Xu at Void Visuals, his work wants to remind of the universal essence within us all.

Candice Gordon: Sound of Horns

6 May


Puppets go through the rabbit hole and difficult emotions. By Conor Finnegan

An Excerpt from Fractal Philosophy

12 Jan

by Prophetvisuals

An Excerpt from my ongoing experiments with fractal imagery and sacred geometric visualizations. This video infuses thematic imagery of flight and transcendence with moving mandalas I designed in After Effects. Music by Ambientium.

Visuals Created and Mixed by Elijah Parker
“Always Something Better” by Trentemoller

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